Why Soso loves Daddy and other incidentals

Soso loves her Daddy for many reasons.  She’s mentioned the usual ones, he’s nice, he’s good looking, he takes care of her, etc.  One day I asked her why she loved her Daddy so much and she said, “Because he’s like a soft toy”  “Soft toy” means stuffed animals.  You see, Daddy has relatively thick eyebrows, long eye lashes and he sports a really short haircut and Soso loves touching them with her hands.  She loves hugging his head because she can rub her hands over his head, just like she would to a soft toy!

Have I mentioned yet that Soso can float on her back all on her own?  She has graduated from toddler sizes to girl sizes (4 or S).  She’s getting hair on her legs!!!  Unfortunately, I thinks she has inherited DH’s hair genes.  She can do simple additions, she can read simple words and she recognized “Starry Night” by Van Gogh from a painting in a store.  We have also graduated from reading more simple board books at bedtime to much longer stories that sometimes takes a couple of days to read.  She has told me that Fall and Winter are her favorite seasons.  She has been a good eater for a while now.  She eats or has eaten American, Korean, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Spanish and Peruvian food.


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