KOed by a 4 year old

Do you ever find your kids inadvertently hilarious?  It happens all the time at our house.  I guess this is the age for it.  Some of the things that come out of Soso’s mouth are just so cute and funny! 

Over the weekend, DH had to reprimand Soso about something.  DH rarely gets mad at her so when it happens she usually gets very upset.  She usually starts crying and apologizes right away.  This time?  She was quiet for a moment and then came out with a zinger!

S:  Daddy you just broke my heart.

D: I broke your heart?  I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to break your heart.

S was not done.

S:  That means you aren’t being very loving.  That means (with a catch in her voice) you are NOT melting my heart Daddy!”

I think I snorted out loud.  I don’t know if Soso realized that was a battle winning shot, a knock out punch!  DH, KOed by a 4 year old.


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