4.5 year old’s thought process

I don’t know if this a developmental thing or what but my daughter will start talking about something and it becomes a monologue of her thoughts said out loud.  It is actually pretty neat to hear her thought process and how she associates ideas as she starts understanding things better.  Sometimes, the results quite funny.

Now to set the stage, you have to know that one of our neighbor got divorced and his wife moved to California.  Soso knows this and only this.  She doesn’t know the whys because quite frankly neither do we.

Earlier this week, Soso and DH were talking when she started talking about how she no longer sees people, namely Grandma because she is up in Heaven.  She will never see Chloe because she is going to another school.  Then she says how she won’t see Daddy all the time either when she’s grown up.  But she will see her husband.  She will see her husband everyday…EXCEPT if he is not a good husband, in which case, she’ll move to California!

When DH told me this story, my jaws dropped.  Then I just started laughing out loud!!!  Now, we have never indicated that the husband was to be blamed for the divorce.  But I guess she somehow associated the wife moving away as the husband being bad!  Now I can see why she’s become so reluctant to talk to him!  Good thing because I certainly wouldn’t want this to come out in front of him and his new wife!


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