Not so enthusiastic about cooking

Another Thanksgiving, another couple of days baking and cooking.  I have pretty much been hosting all the major holiday since my mother-in-law passed away and I’m so over it.  I have many reasons for missing my MIL, but man this tops the list today. I just don’t feel like doing all the prep work, all the cooking, all the clean up… frankly I am tired. 

As a co-worker already pointed out, I know it is only three times a year.  But I already do almost all the cooking at my house.  As another co-worker pointed out, I know that is the lot of most women.  But I don’t care!  I am tired.

If my husband were to read this, he would probably point out that I have already assigned lasagna to my father-in-law.  He would also point out that I have declined to host Christmas Eve this year.  I don’t care.  It doesn’t help the fact that I’m tired today and I still don’t want to cook Thanksgiving dinner.

I heard today from a friend that his family is going over to his in-law’s house.  Hence they will have time to go into the city to catch the Parade.  Live.  I am consumed with envy.  I have yet to watch the parade in front of a TV (catching a minute of two does not count!) let alone go see it live.  I have lived how many years within travelling distance from the city???  It has been impossible since I have been the one cooking Thanksgiving dinner since high school.

One of these days, I would love to just be a guest somewhere responsible for bringing a bottle of wine.  Heck, in that case, I would gladly bring a home made dessert!  And if my one reader points out that it isn’t too late, that I could still be a guest somewhere, I will admit that I have already put out a feeler on my Facebook.  But no takers so far.  Perhaps the seven additional guests are scaring them off.


2 thoughts on “Not so enthusiastic about cooking

  1. Oh, pooh. I don’t host… I’ve just lucked out that way. I wish we lived closer, and you and I could take turns… I would hate hosting every year, every holiday, too. It would get old really fast. (((hugs)))

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