Giving thanks

OK, I am still not so enthusiastic about cooking but at least I’m not such a hater today. Given that we are celebrating a day of thanks, this is probably a good thing.  So, where does my new sanguinity come from?

I have smartened up and decided to simplify.  I focused on baking the pumpkin pies and the pumpkin breads and delegated the rest of the baking duties to my sister-in-law (SIL).She can bake as little or as much as she wants and I am OK with that.  I am OK that there won’t be at least two different pies and a half a dozen assortment of cookies and brownies to choose from.

And since making pumpkin breads and pies is so easy thanks to canned pumpkin puree, I was finished with all my baking as of 9PM last night!  So, thank you for canned pumpkin puree!  And thank you for the concept of delegation!

I am highly doubtful that my one or two readers are purist and are now sneering down at my canned baked goods.  But if you are then all I can say is, SERIOUSLY???  Does anyone seriously cut up pumpkins and make their own purees???  I say, when it comes to pumpkin baked goods, the fact that I added my own spices, eggs and evaporated milk means its is home made.

And since I have delegated my other most time consuming task, lasagna to my FIL, I am good to go.  Again, if you are a purist and question why a lasagna is on a Thanksgiving menu, what can I say?    Believe it or not it is a tradition that comes from my side of the family and not my husband’s.  Go figure.


One thought on “Giving thanks

  1. First of all, we have lasagne at Christmas, so having it at Thanksgiving does not seem weird. And secondly I’ll give a big HELL YES using the pumpkin puree counts as home made. good for you! And happy thanksgiving!

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