What I do a lot at night

It is always funny to get a 4.5 years old’s  perspective.  Sometimes, however the joke is on myself.  Case in point, this morning Soso and I were going over some words with the same sounds like ” me”, “she”,” he”,” be”, etc.  I would spell it out and she would pronounce the word.  We moved onto the “ook” sounds.  She got the word ” book” right away.  Then I asked her to sound out “c-o-o-k” and she struggled to put that one together.  I asked her, “What does Mommy do a lot at night after I come home from work?”  Her answer?  “Watch a lot of TV.”

Hey!  OK, may be I have been watching more TV recently.  OK, I am pretty much parked on the couch every night for about two hours.  But in my defence, it is always after Soso’s in bed!  Sure, sometimes it starts a little earlier when it is DH’s turn to put her down.  And sometimes the two hours become three.  Dang, fine, I have turned into a TV junkie!

I like watching television shows.  I always have, but I love books more so I’m usually reading instead.  But with no books in the house and my book supplier no longer readily available to provide me with new books, I had to find something else to fill the void. 

Unfortunately, I’m not crafty enough to knit or to bang out cute scrapbooks.  I don’t have exercise equipment at home and it is too cold and dark to go running outside.  I’m too cheap or lazy or both to join a gym.  I hate going on the computer when that’s all I’ve been at work so TV it is!

I have been very productive with my TV time recently.  I got my Christmas cards out by the first week of December…mostly.  I’m almost finished wrapping the presents. I… I…Hm, that’s about it.  Well, let’s just say I haven’t been a complete couch potato.

My daughter’s comment did make me pause and think that it is time to get some new books.  Since I’m too cheap to go buy books and I’m not sure when I’ll see my book supplier, I guess I’ll have to make a trip to the library!

I also thought that may be I should try and get a part-time job again at Barnes and Noble.  I have fond memories of getting as many books and magazines as I could read, all for free, for only working one day a week.  Granted the book had no covers, tended to be mass market pulp fiction  about serial killers, government conspiracies or trashy romances.  But for a person who in peak reading mode can go through 2-3 books a week, it was a great deal!  I should never have let go of that job!

For tonight, I will be either baking my chocolate chip cookies, watching Psycho with DH or digging through my “library” to see which book I can tolerate reading again.  DH has one book that’s on my list to read, Children of Hurin but since it is first edition I am not allowed to touch it.

Perhaps I can bake and watch Psycho at the same time!


One thought on “What I do a lot at night

  1. I have a love/hate relationship with my kids’ insights. They are usually dead-on right… but it’s usually something I don’t want to admit about myself, such as watching too much TV. I hope you get some good books soon!

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