The BIG news!

Wow, two posts in one day!  Well, this news was too important to be buried in my rant again the big corporation.

And no I am not pregnant.  Apparently, that is a once in a lifetime event for me.  But one could say that we are expecting.  Instead of 9 months, we are probably looking at two years, but we are having a baby!  Yes, we are adopting.

We started the process in September but we hadn’t gone public with it because it takes so long to get a child.  We figured we could spread the news once we have been accepted.  But we were at a holiday party over the weekend and as usual we got asked “the question” of a second baby.  ALL of our friends have minimum of two and mostly three children.  And as only an eight year old could succinctly point out in a guessing game of Secret Santa, Soso is “…the one with no sisters or brothers”.  The pressure must have been too much for DH because he spilled the beans.

So, now it is out of the closet.  We are officially adopting from Korea.  Korea has currently stopped taking in new applications, but because I am Korean, we got in.  We are also allowed to specify gender for the same reason and we will be asking for a girl.  Ideally, we would get an older child.  Two to three years old would be perfect.  There would be less age difference between her and Soso.  We will see later on what kind of options we have.

We are now in middle of getting our application together.  This includes a really long set of questions that we have to answer individually.  I took a look at it and blanched.  There are just so many questions!!!  DH is already finished with his and has volunteered to answer the non-individual questions, things that deal with finances, our house, etc.  We have personal references, doctor’s notes, fingerprinting and various documents that need to be gathered.   We are hoping that all the necessary paperwork will be in by end of January.

So, wish us luck.  We are sure to have more success with adoption than TTC, but we could still use all the luck we can get.


2 thoughts on “The BIG news!

  1. Oh! I’m weak at this news! I’m tearful and happy and excited and just, I don’t know… there isn’t a word. HOORAY! Congratulations… it’s wonderful news!

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