Silent night

Silent day for that matter.  It has been quiet in my house all day except for the sounds coming out of my television.  I’m currently alone in bed with only Mickey and Minnie to keep me company.  Why?

I have had a cold since last week and it just kept getting worse and worse.  So bad that I missed my one opportunity for a date night in a long time on Friday.  So bad that I had to stay home while my family visit my brother-in-law’s family.

It feels strange being in my house without noises that accompanies having a four year old.  It will feel even stranger when I wake up tomorrow morning without the said four year old helpfully telling that it is “Wake up time!” It will be down right eerie that I will have spent over 36 hours without my husband or daughter.  I have not been that alone since she was born!  Perhaps even before that.  The last time I can remember sleeping apart from my husband is back in 2002.

It feels peaceful, yet wrong… like I’m missing something.  Hm, right, NOISE and a warm body.  And yes, I feel a little lonely, thinking of my family having a good time without me.  Hence, Mickey and Minnie, Soso’s current favorite soft animals are keeping me company while I sleep.  How can you not feel a little cheerful gazing into their happy faces as you drift off to sleep?

On a different note, inspite of the numerous phone calls and a stressed out DH, the Eve meal went well.  So well, that I may make it a tradition that he continues to cook it!  Christmas morning was cute with Soso coming to wake us up.  She got all that she asked for including something that wasn’t on her list!  That seem to really throw her off, so I had to explain to her that Santa always includes a surprise gift.   Hopefully I won’t regret that for years to come.

The hit toy?  A remote control robot called Tribot from Zizi.  I was a little sceptical because it isn’t very girly, but she LOVES it!  Well, all of two days anyway…


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