Good grief!

I don’t know if it is an age thing or out of shape thing or combination of both, but I no longer recover well from physical exertion!

We went skiing on Friday, first time for Soso and first time for us in 6 years.  We skiied for 4 hours only, on lower mountain, meaning really easy slopes, and I am still exhausted!  I even went to bed early last night and I still couldn’t wake up this morning at 6 AM without DH prompting me three times!  This does not bode well for future ski trips!

On a brighter note, Soso did very well.  It was a little dicey at first when she fell off the carpet and she cried that she wanted to go back to the hotel.  My heart sunk.  But DH used his magical, daddy powers to get her back on the slope.  I decided to take advantage of the daddy-daughter soothing bonding moment to go up a real, albeit super-duper easy green slope to exercise ski muscles that have been dormant for the past 6 years.  My fears of having completely forgotten how to ski was allayed, but I was never-the-less incredibly rusty.

Soso saw me coming down the bigger slope and insisted that she wanted to go up!  She came down skiing between DH’s legs and did very well.  In fact, she liked it so much better than the carpet area that we stayed on the bigger slope.

Now I hope that we can get to the slopes at least one more time before the season’s over.  I just wish our local slopes weren’t so crowded during the weekend! 

I’ll post a picture as soon as I can get the photos uploaded!

ETA:  Finally pictures – it only took 3 months!


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