A day of losses and excess

Yesterday ended with the family having losing record of 0-2 in the two sport events we were watching.  Roger Federer lost to Rafael Nadal (big surprise) in the Australian Open and the Cardinals lost to the Steelers in the Super Bowl.  Good thing we are not a betting family!

The tennis loss was a lot harder to take.  We are true fans of Federer.  Plus we have been rooting for him to break Sampras’s record for the last two years.  We are not fans of Sampras, but that’s another story.  I just read an article by Bud Collins where Federer is pictured sobbing as the trophy is handed over to Nadal.  You should sob!  Collins describes Nadal as being “burrowed into his head like a malevolent genie” and he is dead on.  Federer just can not win against Nadal.  And while Nadal has graciously stated “For me Roger is the greatest”, he is wrong.  If he was the greatest, he should be able to defeat Nadal in the majors.  Reality is that Roger is a great player and was the greatest until Rafael Nadal entered the scene.

The Cardinals’ loss was much easier to take because we really didn’t care.  Since we had no emotional stake in the outcome, I was able to relax and just enjoyed the game.  And it was an exciting game, down to the last seconds. 

DH had gone up to bed after half-time because he wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t have him to explain some of the stuff that were going on the field.   DH commented one day that he didn’t know what it was like to be me watching football.  I told him to picture when he is watching a hockey game (which he does not follow) and suddenly he understood what I go through.  Except he probably would pick up on things after watching for years.  I have watched football for years and am still pretty clueless beyond the basic rudimentary aspects of the game. 

But woo hoo for me that I knew what a safety was all by myself!!!

Moving right along, let’s talk about the excess.  Yes the food.  As I was preparing, DH wondered out loud, “What would it be like if you under prepared for once?  Do you think, may be, just may be you would actually have just the right amount of food?” 

Poor fool!  He has yet to understand that preparing too much food for a party is encoded in my genes.  I am incapable of under preparing as I am of rolling my tongue!

At the end of the night, I still had a whole bowl of Sesame Ginger Noodles (yeah I know, NOT very traditional football food), a foot-long sandwich and a bunch of breaded shrimps.  But the nachos and the pigs were finished! 

Seriously, we need to make some friends near by who can come over during football season and absorb some of the excess food.  Except knowing me, I will most likely make even more food.

While disappointed at the outcome, Soso enjoyed watching the tennis match.  As for football, all she really cared about was waving the pom-pom she made at school, eating the pigs and wearing the 3-D glasses for the Sobe commercial (so not even close to the Disney experience!).  But I think she may be ready for an outing to the US Open!


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