25 Random Things

This has been going around on Facebook.  I thought I would post it here just in case it is of interest to me or to Soso later on in life.  “Mommy you hate cleaning, why do you make me clean?”  “You watch mindless TV, why can’t I?”  “What?  I thought you were a good singer?”  Lol!

1. I hate cleaning.
2. I hate cleaning the bathroom the most.
3. But I clean every week anyway b/c I hate dust even more. The kitchen is cleaned every day.
4. I’ve thought about getting a cleaner but decided that I’m too anal to let someone else clean my house.
5. I also really dislike putting laundry away.
6. But I love folding laundry while still warm from the dryer.
7. Especially while watching something mindless.
8. I have been watching a lot of mindless TV recently.
9. Some of the mindless TV I’ve been enjoying include The Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, What Would You Do and Hell’s Kitchen… yeah reality TV.
10. I used to wonder how people could watch reality TV.
11. I don’t anymore.
12. I love to read. I used to read at least a book a week but mindless TV has gotten in the way.
13. For a long time, if I could have had a fantasy career, I would have picked writer/author.
14. But I can’t write very well. So now I write a blog.
15. I have also dreamt about being an opera singer.
16. But I also can’t sing very well. So, now I just sing to my daughter who thinks I’m a good singer.
17. My current fantasy career is being a chef. I watch a lot of FoodNetwork shows as well.
18. I’m a decent cook, but I’m not disciplined and my skills are not refined enough to be a chef.
19. But my family thinks I’m a fabulous cook and that makes me happy.
20. I would love to cook for my friends more.
21. My idea of fun these days is eating a good meal with good wine with good friends.
22. But my friends live far away so I have found some good company.
23. I do wish my one friend lived near by – or at least within driving distance.
24. You know who you are and no I do not consider 8-10 hours driving distance.
25. I do not like driving or flying, but flying with my daughter has had an amazingly calming affect on me.
26. My daughter is amazing.
27. My husband is wonderful and he too has a calming affect on me.
28. I love my family.


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