All about Soso

Do you remember the days when your child would mispronounce words, the sound being too difficult for them at the time?  I will always remember Soso, saying the word “thing” and coming out with “ting”.  It sounded so cute that I never corrected her.  I figured she would grow out of it and she did.

For some reason, that makes me sad.  Well, I know the reason.  Yet another sign of her growing up and no longer being a baby.  As she says to me all the time these days, “That was a LONG time ago Mommy.  Like when I was two years old!”  Add a dash of indignation and smidgen of exasperation in her voice.  5 going on 15!

Well, Soso has recently taken to describing large things as being “gi-normous”, hand gestures and all.  I’m not sure if she heard it somewhere or just made it up.  She sounds so cute that I haven’t corrected her.  I figure she will eventually grow out of it.  Just as she has grown out of so many things.

When Soso was younger, I couldn’t wait for her to grow up and out of various stages.  The crying, colicky stage, the waking up in middle of the night twice stage, the no eating stage, the diaper stage, the potty training stage, the I-want-to-be-carried-everywhere stage.  It seemed at times, that all I wanted to do was just hurry through these stages.  In my defense, some of those stages were quite painful!

Now,  all I want to do is hold on to these moments.  These moments that feel like bubbles in my hands, tenuous, fragile and so beautiful.

Not that I’m saying I haven’t enjoyed being a mom all these years and that I haven’t had fun, happy and proud moments.  But right now?  Right now, it is so much fun!  Yes, she can still be whiny and be a poor listener.  Sometimes I literally get a headache from all the chatter and my life is crazy busy fitting in her activities.  But, BUT!

The highs  are so high they are through the roof, up the sky straight to the moon.  Who needs drugs?

At last week’s swim lesson, Soso and her friend stunned me when I glanced and saw them floating on their backs and moving.  I try not to pay too much attention for fear of distracting them so I’m not sure when that happened.  Yesterday, they were both comfortably bobbing up and down in 4 feet of water, giggling and chasing each other with water squirt toys.

On Sunday, Soso stunned me again when on her second ski trip, she skied on her own, next to DH and completely by herself.

We are reading level 1 books now.  She struggles with some words and the books have to be the really simple level one books, but gone are the days of board books.

She wants Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for her birthday.  I think the time of Princesses is passing.  Which, on a side note, makes me yet again so grateful to the friend who told us to take Soso to Disney by 5.

She will eat or at least try eating anything I throw at her.  The best is when she tells me that she likes it and gobbles it up.  The worst, which isn’t bad at all is that she’ll tell me it isn’t her favorite.  Gone are the days when I had to hide things inside a noodle.*

D and I badly need some couple time and we are planning a date next week.  But we both love spending time with Soso so much that we will go on the date with a partial regret.  Lol!  Not enough to cancel, but definitely with some regret.

*There was a time when Soso was not a good eater, especially of vegetables.  I used to hide vegetables, especially peppers inside tube shaped noodles.  I thought I was being so clever because she would eat them without any complaint!  I found out one day when I was being lazy and didn’t bother hiding anything that she knew all along! “Mommy, you forgot to hide the peppers.”  Little stinker!  I had to now purposely “hide” the vegetables for her to eat them!


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