I have no idea what to title this…

So I’ll just go ahead and start writing.

After advent of Soso, D and I had very limited dating time.  We started reserving big screen movie opportunities for the big blockbuster, special effects and visually oriented movies like LOTR, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Super Hero “____” of the moment.  I still like to watch story driven movies, simple dramas and the occasional chick flicks, but I usually reserve those for DVDs.  In fact, when a good movie comes out, I put them on the Netflix queue right away.

I mentioned that D and I are planning a date night next week.  We could fit in a dinner and a movie.  We are in an usual position of having several Oscar nominated, well reviewed movies to choose from.  Slumgdog Millionaire, Milk, the Wrestler, Gran Torino,  Frost/Nixon to name a few.

I want to see them all.  I really do!  But they are already on my Netflix queue and I feel a reluctance in seeing them in a movie theater.  I’m also in an unusual situation where D is actually interested in any one of these dramas.  Yet, I feel a strange a lack of enthusiasm.

Then last night, I saw a preview of Confessions of a Shopaholic.  It was pink and girly and fluffy and silly and it is probably a waste of $20.  This is the movie I want to see on our date night.

D saw the preview with me.  I turned to him and asked, “What if I want to see this movie?”

D swallowed.  Then he looked manfully in my eyes and said in all seriousness, “I would cry on the inside, but I would see it with you and try to not let it show.”

*SIGH*  That should be enough.  I mean what more can I expect?  Certainly not girlish enthusiasm over sitting thru 90 minutes of a woman gushing over designer clothes.  Even I would normally never pick a movie like this.  But, silly as it sounds, this is what I want to see and I wish he would want to see it with me.

You see, I’m one of those people where if I know you don’t like something, I’ll cede to your wishes.  So, we won’t be seeing Confessions.

The nice thing about having a girl is that I can indulge in some of this girlishness.  I loved watching Enchanted with Soso.  I watched all the Barbie and Disney princess movies as much for her as for me.  So, I guess one day, I can go see a movie like Confessions with her.  Except with my luck, she’ll want to see it with her friends.


One thought on “I have no idea what to title this…

  1. LOL! I think already knew he did not want to see this movie. There is absolutely nothing in it for a guy. I’ll go see it with you though!

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