Sweet insanity

It all started innocently at first, I guess like all obsessions do.  Thirty  minutes here and there of one those mindless television shows I had mentioned in 25 Random Things.  Who knew that watching Ace of Cakes would plant a seed that would soon turn into a full blown obsession?  Who could have possibly predicted that the here and there would quickly escalate into hours?  Then days?

My friends and my co-workers (but not my husband, love you!) who are following my journey think that I am teetering on the edge of insanity.  For insanity it must be that I have now spent the better part of last week (and this week) scouring the internet for a specialty bakery to make Soso’s 5th birthday cake. 

For a cake.  Edible.  Once eaten, gone forever.

Why so much time and effort in the search? 

Have you watched Ace of Cakes?  Have you seen their creations?  Just scroll through the picture gallery of Charm City Cakes and may be you will understand.  Their cakes embody ones fantasies come true.   I have visions of sugar plum fairies dancing in my head.  Or rather sugar plump bunnies since the party is magic themed.  They are like Disney World of cakes and I have to have one!

Well, it didn’t take me long to find out that an “ace” of cake costs a small fortune.  In fact most places have a minimum order of $250.  *GULP*  I should have known, but when one is used to cakes from a supermarket or Costco, the pricetag is a bit of a surprise.  So, it has been quite a challenge looking for an ace of cake on a budget.

On Saturday, I met a baker who could make a very nice cake for me for all of $125 and it would feed about 30 people.  *small gulp*  OK, that will feed the kids and the adults can eat the very delicious carrot cake that a friend’s making for me.  I’ll have a tray of cookies.  This should work!

I tell my SIL who then relays it to my BIL.  “S is getting one of those ace of cake for $125 to feed 30 people!”  Laughter ensues.  To her credit, after the the merriment dies down, she tries to supports me by saying that if this makes me happy, I should do it.  I tell my friend at work.  She doesn’t hold back any punches and bluntly states, “You are crazy.  What are you going to feed the rest of your guests?”  I guess I should mention that we could have as many as 100 guests?

Yeah, I know.  I know.  I know!!!

DH, sweet, sweet man tries to keep the hope alive for me.  “Well, let’s look at our food budget and if we come under $$$, we could afford a bigger cake.”  Alas, any which way we try to cut corners, the food budget does not budge, you know, from me being genetically coded for over-providing.

So as of press time, the pursuit of a dream cake continues, albeit beat down ghetto dream cake.  I am willing to get a cake that is not tiered and covered in colorful fondant.  I don’t need a sugar plump bunny popping out of a top hat.  Just no sprayed on character, please!


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