Ski trip

Waiting for the lift
Waiting for the lift

We went to a local ski resort earlier this month with Soso’s friend (Boy) and his dad (Boy’s Daddy).  It was Soso’s second trip and Boy’s first.

The day was supposed to be warm and windy.  Perhaps not the best of conditions, but not bad with novice pre-schoolers in tow.  When we got to the resort, it started to rain.  Uh-oh, disaster!  We had just paid for rental and lift tickets!  Fortunately, it stopped raining and we winded up having a pretty good time.

Well, perhaps not in the eyes of Boy’s Daddy.  I think he would qualify it as not an utter disaster.  According to Boy’s mom (actually Baker Mom!) he was a little frustrated.  LOL!  To their credit, they did not give up and stayed on the slopes.

Racing down the hill
Racing down the hill

 I told Boy’s Daddy that the first time Soso tried skiing, she wasn’t having fun and wanted to go back to the hotel.  It was only when we came down a real slope that she started enjoying herself.

After a few more tries down the bunny they joined us and I think Boy had a lot of fun.  Soso and Boy started getting competitive and wanted to race down the hill.  They kept wanting their dads to go faster.  You can only go so fast on an easy green!

Unfortunately, all of this snow plowing put a strain on Boy Daddy’s knees.  Poor guy.  I know how that feels!  Hopefully, the next time it will get easier for them as it did for us.

At the end of the day, Boy said he would ski again.  Baker Mom told me later that he talked pretty enthusiastically about the trip and to me that qualifies as a success.


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