Application Complete

Good news is that our adoption agency called say that our adoption application packet is complete.  That means they received our packet as well as all the reference letters.   Woohoo, on to home study!

Bad news is that it probably will be longer than I expected before we actually have our child in our arms.  The lady from the agency said that it typically takes 12-14 months after the home study has been approved before we match.  And it takes another 3-5 months before we get to pick up the child.  Oh.

Conservative estimate puts us at two years from now because we haven’t even started the home study.  I guess we should have moved faster on the application packet.

I don’t know if I can bear Soso asking for a baby sister or a brother for another two years! We may really need to get her a pet.  Oh, I am disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Application Complete

  1. The wait is the worst part. I totally relate and don’t miss it.
    But I do promise you that once your child is home the two years is slightly less painful! 🙂

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