Upside to a snowstorm

Well, first I panicked. 

Yesterday, I had driven all the way to the Hood where I work in order to make sure that my PC was up and running and to  pick up some notes.  Later that night, when I tried to log on to my work PC, I couldn’t!  Disaster!

Something must have happened.  Nothing short of rebooting the computer would work.  Rebooting that required  a person physically turning on and off my computer.

The snow actually didn’t look all that bad in the morning, but it looked so cold and windy!  I didn’t particularly want to go out and clean the snow nor drive into the Hood.   Driving in the Hood after a snowstorm is like… well, driving an obstacle course.  I’m not sure if they do snow removal at all.

Fortunately for me, I had an easy schedule and no hard deadlines.  Unfortunately for me, I had a Go-Live scheduled with a 1PM conference call.  Which meant I couldn’t just take the whole day off!  Fortunately for me again, a friend made it to work and was able to re-boot my PC!!!

Now the upside of the snowstorm comes in.  I have been working for the last few hours, on my couch, still in my pjs with a nice cup of java and with my favorite channel in the background, FoodNetwork.   I’m getting some serious backlog work completed AND getting some cool new recipe ideas!

I have even learned something new.  Apparently guacamole is NOT pronounced with a hard “g”!  Either it is silent or it is pronounces like a “w”?  And did you know that Bobby Flay is married?  It must be a recent thing because I swear he was a bachelor!

This is how I should work everyday!!!  If only!


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