The nicest gift and the greatest compliment

The secret shrimp dish for my birthday was… breaded shrimp!  DH made this for me because he knows how much I love it and how much I miss eating it.  I haven’t had breaded shrimp since his mother passed away.  She made the best breaded shrimp EVER.  She made it so good that I usually couldn’t wait and would sample one or two or three before she was finished.  She made it so good that I haven’t been able to bear eating anyone else’s.  She made it for me for any special occasion I wanted, a large heaping bowl of breaded, fried goodness… except when she was making it for me and my BIL in which case she made even a larger heaping bowl because we both loved it so much.

My mother-in-law was one of those women that expressed their love through food.  And well, a large bowl of shrimp was a lotta love.  How appropriate that her son, who loves me so much was the person who finally gave me back my breaded shrimp.  He did well, he did very well and his mother would have been amazed and proud.

After the yummy dinner, DH and Soso were giggling in the dining/playroom.  “Mommy, you are not allowed to come in here!”  Then afterwards, “Mommy, I don’t need to wear socks tonight.  You don’t have to go in the sock drawer.”  More giggling and obvious winks between father and daughter.

Well, this morning, a card slides through the bathroom door.  I guess Soso could not wait to give it to me.  Then she walks in anyway to show me the card.  She says, “Look Mommy!  It says, ‘Happy birthday Mommy’ and ‘ I love you as much as Disney World!’ She looks up at me with great anticipation because in her eyes, that is the biggest love she knows.  And I took it for what it was, the greatest compliment I could possibly get from my daughter.  She loves me as much as Disney and that, too is a whole lotta love.


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