Pre-K Drama

According to DH, Soso has been in a gang for a long time, at least since she was three years old.  A Girl Gang that now includes Girl J (aka The Other Woman), Girl M, Girl A and Girl R.  Apparently there is a Boy Gang or may be there are two Boy Gangs since the class has a lot of boys.  The Girl Gang and the Boy Gang have generally co-exited peacefully, under the fearful rule of the Gang Leader, aka Ms. R.  There have been some minor clashes, especially since the boys like to chase the girls and scare them by pretending to be monsters.  But fear of Ms. R and time-outs quickly put the boys in line.

Well the inevitable has happened.  The merging of the sexes.  According to DH (who seems to be in the know), a new gang is emerging that includes the girls and some of the boys including Boy C (aka Baker Mom’s Son, aka Ski Boy, aka Fiancé #2) and Boy D (aka Fiancé #1). They have started playing together instead of just co-existing, only occasionally still but enough where drama has now ensued.

Drama.  Soap-opera like drama with a love triangle or possibly quadrangle.  At least it sounds like a soap opera if you don’t realize that the players involved are 5 year olds!

Now all I heard last night from Soso was, “Mommy, I’m marrying Boy C.  Girl J is going to be our daughter.”  OK.  There was a tiny, tiny fluttering of concern that my daughter was fickle since last week she told me that she was marrying Boy D.  But we’re talking about 5 year olds with transient interests.  We talked a little about what I would wear to the wedding.  Not what she would wear, but what I would seem to be of concern.  She decided that I would wear a green dress like Nana did for my wedding.  She wondered what Baker Mom would wear which I didn’t know so ended the conversation.

This morning, Ms. R beckons me over to tell me the full story.  Full story???  I hadn’t realized there was a story tell!   At this point Girl J’s mom has joined the conversation and I hear the full tale.

Here is the gist of what went down:

  • Boy C wants to marry Girl J.
  • Girl J is not interested because marriage means having children, having children means pain and she does not want pain.
  • Soso volunteers to marry Boy C.
  • Boy C rejects Soso thus resulting in tears by Soso
  • Ms. R intervenes
  • Compromise is made where Boy C marries Soso and Girl J becomes their daughter

Now, remember Soso was already marrying Boy D.  So, where Boy D fell out in all this drama, I have no idea.  Hopefully heart intact having now been rejected by Girl J (last week) and now dumped by Soso for another boy.   What about Girl M?  Not to worry, she wants to be a chef and will be too busy to be involved in marriage nonsense (boy do I wish Soso would follow her example!) 

Where do the angles comes in, tri or other wise?  Ms. R tells me that after all this drama and compromise, Boy C was seen still trying to hold Girl J’s hands.  And who knows, may be Boy D won’t take all of this sitting down!   Oh boy oh boy oh boy.  Drama to be continued… next week, next month, next year, the next 20 years???  What HAVE I got myself into?  I think I may just have to join Girl M’s parents in sending Soso to an all girls school after all.


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