Weekend update and a sorta menu

I guess technically, this is the third week of Lent?  Third or fourth, whatever the case, I start this week’s menu with…  oh dare I even write it?  Easy Black Beans and Rice.  Yup.  Did not make it AGAIN last week.  I was starting feel like I had a monkey on my back so, I finally made it for dinner tonight.  It was really yummy and “easy” as the recipe is titled.  Of course I had to put my own spin on it, but you’ll have to read about that in the other blog. 

No new recipe for this week, just another week of quick and easy meals including soup (a variation on Simply Minestrone), veggie burgers with sweet potato fries, take-out pizza, etc because I am in serious “get-ready for the big birthday bash” mode.

So, having spent the weekend pretty much getting ready for the party, what do I have left to do?  This is the week of baking cookies.  Chocolate chip, oatmeal and spritz cookies.  I should be baking cookies even as I write this, but I am just too tired to start.  What I should really do is just buy a couple of trays from a bakery, but I have always thought homemade is better?  Lol, I guess I’ll have to see if the guests agree!

I am catering the food, thank goodness.  I thought about making my own for a couple of weeks during the planning stage and I realized that I would be “crying” by this point. Since now I am at “this point” I’m SO glad I am catering!

So back to the weekend update.  Imagine if you decided after much thought on a craft for the party that involved star shaped foams.  Imagine realizing that you would have to make your own cut-outs.  Imagine spending two night carefully tracing  each star and cutting out the stars, all thirty of them.  Just imagine all of this and then going to the craft store again this weekend and seeing foam stars, in a package no less, for an affordable price.   Imagine you had a 50% coupon so the said package would have been a positive bargain as well as a time saver.  Just imagine.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned yet that I am not a crafty person.  I feel lost and confused in a craft store.  But having been to my share of kiddie parties, I have found that foam stuff  and glitter glue seem to be ubiquitous items.  Well, I have one question for all you mamas out there.  Does glitter glue ever dry?  EVER?  Because I waited about an hour and it was still not completely dry.  And if a supposed glue takes hours to dry what the heck is the point?  Sure,  it looks pretty and all shiny and glistening, that is until you smear it and smear it you will.

Last bit of update…  we make sandwiches for a local soup kitchen every week.  Can I just say Soso has gotten really good at spreading peanut butter?  I remember last year, she would practically rip the bread apart in her effort.  Now she actually helps me.  And she remembers most of the time that she cannot be licking her fingers.  Very key in making the sandwiches quickly since we cannot be stopping all the time to wash her hands!


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