Bathroom humor

You have been warned.  So read on knowing that this is possibly TMI.

When Soso was two years old and starting to potty train, we got her a book called, “Once Upon a Potty for Her”.  In the book is a character named Prudence undergoing potty training.  I think she has an accident in the book and we we started saying “Don’t do a Prudence” in order to stop Soso from having accidents.

Flash forward to today.  I come out of the bathroom this morning and in walks Soso.  Next thing I hear is “Ew, Mommy!  What is that on the floor?”  I walk back in and she’s pointing to a spot and then she says, “Did you do a Prudence Mommy?”  Then she looks fully into my eyes and says with a tone I cannot quite define, part amazement, part chagrin, part gleeful, “Mommy, you did do a  Prudence.”

No amount of explanation of pooling water at the feet after a shower will convince her otherwise.  So as of this moment, Soso is convinced that Mommy did a Prudence.  I just hope she doesn’t choose to share this particular information with her gang.

I did NOT do a Prudence.  Really!


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