5th birthday letter, part II

I got so caught up in sentiments that I forgot to write anything else!  Oh, where do I start?  I guess with the physical changes. 

We’ll have the official measurements after your 5 year physical, but here is how we measure you.  You weigh about 10 minutes maximum holding time.  Meaning we can hold you about 10 minutes before we have to drop you.  Probably less for me.  You’re as tall as about 2-3 inches past my belly button and just at Daddy’s belly button.  You have outgrown size 4 in pants but still not quite tall enough for 5, which is why all your pants are rolled up.  You are S (small) in shirts, size 9 in shoes.

Your hair, which was completely straight when you were born, which curled up like crazy around two has straightened out again.  Now you just have some really loose waves.  You’re losing all the baby fat except that your belly is still round.  You still have a little of the baby Flinstone feet which I secretly love.  While some of your classmates have lost a tooth or two, you have not.

You know a lot more words by sight.  You can do really simple math like 1+1 = 2.  You are getting quite good with mazes and connecting dots and writing small and capital letters.  You know our home address and you’re almost there in remembering our telephone number.  You have been counting all the way to 100 and beyond for awhile.

We don’t really read board books anymore.  We have been reading the Grimm’s Fairytales for awhile.  We’re reading Level 1 readers or other softcover books with a longer stories, stories that take several days to finish reading.

You have started listening to Jackson 5!  You still love Laurie Berkner, Disney Princess songs and Barbie Princess songs, but you are starting to move away from Wiggles, Barney and Sesame Street.

You still really love all things princesses.  Your current favorite is Sleeping Beauty, because her dress is pink!  I’ve already mentioned that pink is still your favorite color.  You don’t really like black except on Mommy it’s OK.

You love watching movies and playing games on the computer, Leapster and the new Barbie computer you got for your birthday.

You seem to get bored easily these days.  Your favorite saying now is, “I’m bored.  I want to play a game!”  Your other favorite thing to say is, “I love you.”  You say it so often now.  I remember when you used to be so stingy with that phrase!

You’re continuing to be a great eater.  In fact I no longer have to modify my cooking around your diet at all.  You handle all vegetables and spices very well.  While you don’t eat a huge quantity of some vegetables, like peppers and salads, you will eat them.  You can eat your weight in asparagus and broccoli.  You favorite carb is pasta.  You love calamari!  I think you could eat a whole order all by yourself.  You also love tofu, just like Mommy.  In fact you asked for your birthday meal, tofu soup with rice.

I’m sure there’s more, but I can’t think of anything else.

Oh, a current thing you do that I find so funny and cute.  When you don’t remember the name of something, you substitute with, “Blah, blah, blah, whatever it is.”  For example, you didn’t remember Prince Phillip’s name so you said, “”Prince blah, blah, blah, whatever it is, I don’t remember his name.”  I don’t know where you picked that up from!

Until next year!




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