Adoption progress

I guess it’s a progress of sorts.  We’re getting our home visit today from our social worker.  We’re being interviewed separately and together.  After today, we need to take a class and then our home study can be completed and submitted to Korea.  That’s when the real waiting begins.  The 13-14 month wait before match.  I have learned that adoption revolves around waiting time.

So, an indirect result of the home visit is that Soso will be experiencing a new milestone today.  The milestone where she is visiting a friend without her parents.  Baker Mom has kindly agreed to have her over.  We have never left her with anyone other than her grandparents.  It will only be two hours maximum and I’m not very worried. 

Except the friend is Boy C.  Yes, a boy.  So, my only real worry is the whole boy girl dynamics.  Soso is such a girl and I just hope she doesn’t hurt Boy C’s feeling.  He is so excited to show her his toys.  These days, Soso isn’t very interested in anything that isn’t pink or purple or red.  I’m hoping she’ll come back with a new found appreciation for action figures or monster trucks or even the color blue.  I can but hope.

I hope both visits goes well.


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