Last week of Lent meal ideas

Thanks goodness.  I have been so uninspired these last few weeks.  And no, this post does not mean I finally got inspired at the finish line.  This is how lame I am.

1.  Bean wrap with yellow rice

2.  Morningstar veggie burgers and sweet potato fries (but we found these great 100 calorie buns to try!)

3.  Crumb coated cod with mushroom risotto and asparagus (DH made this but since it was home made, I’m going to post the recipe on the food blog!)

That’s it.  May be a portabella burger or may be we’ll just get pizza.  I just don’t care.  I’m done with this non-meat thing.  I want some chicken wings. Or a juicy burger.  I’m even looking forward to the Easter ham, my least favorite meat option.

I am not a big meat eater.  I usually eat it once or twice a week at tops.  But Lent always reminds me that I like it enough and I like being able to cook meat dishes enough, well mostly chicken anyway that I could never become a vegetarian.


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