I feel like a coward

It is done.  I have changed the age request.  I don’t know if I did the right thing.  We may have matched with a baby anyway.  Healthy older children are just not that common.  But I feel like I closed a door and it makes me feel like a coward.  That somehow I lack courage.  I feel confused and mixed up.  I wish we didn’t have to make these kinds of decision.  What can I do except just continue to hope and have faith that we’re doing the best we can?


One thought on “I feel like a coward

  1. You are not a coward, you are simply deciding what’s best for your family at this moment in time…Please don’t beat yourself up over this – you will be giving a child a home, a family, a life….from someone who works in an institution full of the unwanted, please know that changing one life does matter. You should feel good about what you are doing, it’s a wonderful thing!


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