Why I watch reality shows

After watching another painful child dying scene last night on Grey’s Anatomy, which was about the third one on that show this season, on top of the ones from Private Practice, I finally realized why I watch so many reality shows.  Well, aside from the fact that vast majority of prime-time programming is now devoted to reality shows.  I watch them because they are light, fluffy, fun shows where no one dies or gets seriously hurt, especially children.   Sure, there are some tear-jerkers like Extreme Home Makeover, but guess what, I don’t watch that show either.

Not that I particularly enjoyed watching children getting hurt before, but now that I am a mother, I just can’t stomach it.  It makes me cry and cry and cry.  It makes me feel kind of sick and shaken.  It makes me even more paranoid about my own child.  And really, I don’t need to feel sick and shaken watching a show and I don’t need worry about my child even more.

Which is why I pretty much stopped watching or reading the news.

I do know what’s generally going around in the world, with the economy, the weather and definitely in the arts and entertainment areas.  So, what that I missed yet another murdering rampage, child abduction, family murder/suicide, etc, right?  I like the fact that in my reality, people race around the world doing silly things like run a mile in their underwear in the freezing cold (Amazing Race) or learn to dance the cha-cha in less than a week (Dancing with the Stars).  I like seeing people pounce and bounce off gigantic red sponge/foam balls in middle of water.  I like laughing my head off instead of crying.  Wouldn’t you?  Wouldn’t anyone?


One thought on “Why I watch reality shows

  1. I walked into my mom’s room during that scene and asked, “What are you watching?” I saw less than 30 seconds of it and wanted to cry.

    You know me, reality show junkie.

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