Magic eyes and ears

First, let me just thank my husband for being wiser than I.  It isn’t wise and probably not nice either to vent about people on a public site.  I certainly shouldn’t write something here that I would be uncomfortable saying to their face.  I know this, but sometimes I forget that this blog isn’t a personal diary.

Moving on to something actually worth writing about… this is another case of words coming back to haunt us.  I’m not sure who started this and in what context.  I suspect the Husband, but I could be wrong.  In any case, Soso has been thinking for the past couple of years that Mommy and Daddy have magic ears and eyes. What this translates to is that Mommy and Daddy can see and hear things from a different room.  Kind of like Santa.

So, Soso has recently been “testing” our magic skills.  She’ll hide and ask me if I can see her, if I can guess what she’s doing, etc.  If I guess correctly she’ll state, “That’s because you have magic eyes Mommy.”   But as you can imagine, I don’t guess right most of the time and she’ll question me, “But I thought you had magic eyes!”  I’ve had to tell her that Mommy’s eyes only have a little bit of magic.  I don’t know why I didn’t just say I didn’t have magic eyes at all.

For whatever reason, Soso thinks that Daddy has magic ears.  This morning, she went to the window to wave good-bye to Daddy.  She comes back all disappointed, “I waved, but Daddy didn’t look up.”  I told her that Daddy didn’t know she was by the window.  She said, “But I yelled out to him!”  When I answered that he must not have heard her… yup, she replied, “But I thought he had magic ears!”

Sooner or later she will figure out that we don’t have magic at all, that we are very human and fallible.  I hope she isn’t too disappointed!

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