Mushy brain

My daughter is concerned that I am always tired.  And she attributes my tiredness to too much TV at night.  The husband thinks that she’s just jealous that I get to watch TV while she has to go to bed.  She expresses her concern on almost a nightly basis.  “Mommy, you should go to sleep and not watch TV.  You are going to be too tired.”  “Mommy, are you going to watch TV?  You should go to sleep!”

We were at a birthday party over the weekend where we were told that one of  Soso’s cousin’s (second or removed or whatever) only gets to watch TV about once or twice a week.  Including any DVDs.  We expressed how lucky Soso was that she got to watch more and may be we should also limit her watching.

Soso:  Why Mommy?

Me: Because too much TV isn’t good for you.

Soso: But why?

Me: Because it turns your brain into mush.”

Soso:  Oh Mommy, you better stop watching TV at night.  Your brain is turning into mush!

You’re right baby.  It must be mush since I walked right into that one!


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