Soso is still making some mistakes with words or names.   I know I shouldn’t encourage it and I should probably should start correcting them but I just can’t.  They just give me and DH such giggles!

Opposed = supposed

Gi-normous = something gigantic and enormous

Peter Poppers = Harry Potter

Course! = Of course!

Prince blah blah blah b/c I don’t remember his name = Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty

Blah blah blah, you know whatever it is = to describe anything she doesn’t remember

Buttons = buns (As in, “Yes, I would like a button with the hotdog.”)

Penelope = millipede

Favorite = favor (As in, “Daddy, can you do me a favorite?”)

Porgagese = Portugese (one of her friend is Protugese)

I know I’m missing a couple!  Hopefully, I can remember and add them to the list at some point.


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