Mushy brain, part II

Soso and I were watching Sound of Music last night.  It’s a rather long movie and we didn’t get to finish it.  I turn off the movie at half point and Soso touches her head and makes a comment, “Uh oh, I think my brain is feeling mushy.”  Lol!

By the way, she wanted to see this movie after catching a few minutes of it on TV a couple of weeks ago.  So, when she saw it rented, she was so happy!  “Thank you Mommy!  This is the movie I have always wanted to see!”  Then as we’re watching, “Mommy, this is my most favorite movie!”  And guess what song she is absolutely in love with?  Sixteen Going On Seventeen.  She was absolutely enthralled with the boy and girl singing and dancing and asking me if now they were getting married.  Yup.  I’m in TROUBLE.  She thinks about marriage way too much for my peace of mind!


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