Random stuff

An airplane with almost 230 people on board went missing the other day.  You wish real life was like fiction and that the airplane some how landed on a island like LOST and that just may be, there are some survivors.  And may be they are stuck in this mysterious island and all kinds of crazy things happen to them but they are ALIVE.

Reality is that the plane is probably in the ocean somewhere and everyone is gone.  And it’s just so freaking sad and scary.  Poof, so many lives gone and so many more lives now affected by this tragedy.

So, I just told D last night that there is no way we’re ever flying together without Soso.  Either she’s with us or one of us is staying, especially on the long journey to Korea next year.  May be it’s just me but I feel like there’s been too many airplane crashes recently.

I had other stuff to write about but it is hard to segue into a more cheerful topic from this so I’ll leave the rest for another day.


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