The rooster in the hen-house

I guess it all started over a year ago with me, when I decided to invite Baker Mom and Boy C on a playdate.  It was a happenstance thing really.  They lived in our town AND I would run into the mom from time to time.  It could have been Boy K, but he switched schools.  It could have been Boy D, but I only ran into the dad.  It could have been just the girls, but I thought it would be nice to know an in-town kid.

Plus, I was on a mission to improve Soso’s social life at the time.  She was such a shy thing and I had hopes of improving her social skills.  I thought fostering friendships was a good thing.  Well, guess what, mission accomplished!  But I don’t think DH will remember that when Soso does a “Love Story” and runs off with her Prince/Romeo.

If you remember, Boy C was a major player in the Pre-K drama.  Fiance #2?  DH wasn’t too thrilled with that particular episode.  Well, after his conversation with Ms. R yesterday, DH is ready to throw Soso into a convent.  As he dramatically stated, “I am not ready to give my daughter away!”

So, what happened?  Apparently, Boy C was a little too huggy with Soso yesterday.  So much so that Ms. R had to in her words, “take down his manhood” and admonish him.  And that’s when it happened.  His declaration.  “But I just love her so much!”  Oh boy.

And Ms. R was unwise to tell this story to DH.  She was amused.  I admit I was laughing my head off while DH was telling me this story.  I’m sure Boy C’s family found it cute and funny.  DH?  DH was not amused.

DH is going to be one of those overbearing dads, looking stern when a boy comes to the house to pick up Soso for a date.  Waiting by the door all night until she comes home.  Freaking out if she is a minute late.  Going out on a search if she is more than 10 minutes late.  Thank goodness for cell phones.  I will have to drill into her head that she must and always pick up her phone.  Many a times, I myself have brought DH to depth of despair when I was a) more than 10 minutes late and b) unwisely didn’t pick up my cell phone.  But that’s another story…

And while I find this all kind of funny, I recognize my peril.  DH will hold me fully responsible when his little girl’s heart gets broken be it at 6 or 16.  And after my own conversation with Ms. R this morning, I admit a feeling of trepidation.  Apparently, Boy C is, again in Ms. R words, “A cool cat!”  and has innate charm that is very popular with the girls.  Ms. R knows that Boy C is part of a playgroup of all girls.  Her parting shot as I walk out, “You know he’s the dominant rooster in the hen-house, right?”  Great.

I told Ms. R that she needs to stop telling DH these stories.


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