One of those weeks

Soso had HIGH fever starting on Friday and it didn’t let up until Tuesday night.  So much for the flu shot.  Someone pointed out that it could have been worse, but honestly 5 days of fever is pretty bad, don’t you think?

She was finally able to go back to camp today…. just in time for more rain!  When the weather finally cleared up, she was sick.  Now that we can contemplate going out of the house, it is rainy.

Have I mentioned that it has been the rainiest spring EVER?  Well, may be not ever, but I don’t think we had a sunny and/or hot days more than 3 times this whole month!  I’m so tired or dreary, cloudy rainy days.

Oh, I feel grumpy.  It probably doesn’t help that I feel like I’m on the cusp of getting sick myself!  I just hope I can hold on until my race on Saturday!

Speaking of the race, Soso really wants to run with her Mommy and just doesn’t understand why she can’t!  She actually started crying the last time she saw me run out of the house.  “But Mommy, I’m getting really strong!”  She just doesn’t get that Mommy needs to run miles… you know for like 30 – 40 minutes.  It kind of breaks my heart.

And speaking of broken hearts, Soso watched E.T. for the first time over the weekend. One of the many, many, many videos she watched during the whole illness.  I can never see that movie without bursting into tears and sure enough, I was bawling like a baby when E.T. “dies” in the movie.

I really hope next week is better.  I really need a sickness free, carefree, sunny day.  A day where we can go the pool (finally!) or walk into town for some ice cream or something!


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