Turning into one of those months

It has been awhile since I’ve posted and I feel a little awkward in getting started!  It doesn’t help that I don’t have a main story to tell.  The past two weeks have been just a blur of events big and small with a strange and still undiagnosed ailment thrown in.

I’ll start with the 4th.  I ran the 4 Mile race and while I ran it pretty much at the pace I’ve been running during training, I had hoped to run it a bit faster during the race.  Still I had trained for it for only a little over a month and 42:40 is respectable if not braggable.  I’ll be running the same exact route at the end of August and I am hoping to shave a couple of minutes.

Unfortunately that plan hasn’t startd off well because right after the race, Monday night to be exact, I started experiencing painful crampings which turned into sharp stabbing pains.  The sharp pains were only at night so that I had to sleep propped up on the sofa for a couple of nights.  2 doctor visits, one ultrasound later, I have lost two weeks of running time and I’m still waiting for results.  But I feel much better now and I started running again yesterday.

Meanwhile, we missed the fireworks due to exhaustion and saw glimpse of it through the trees while standing on top of our roof.  What little we saw was pretty!  We had to do that because Soso was QUITE upset about missing it!

Then we were dogsitting Dallas while my in-laws were off on an early visit to Maryland.  Dallas is a 14 year old mix lab and something, prone at this point in her life to just lie on the rug.  She had trouble with our hardwood floor so we had to create a path using small rugs to the kitchen and to the front door.  After three nights of this and watching her drool on our expensive rug and shed a wig-full of hair, I came to the epiphany (to my daughter’s dismay) that I just can’t ever own a dog.  I could get a low shedding dog, but what can you do about the drool?

Then Friday we were off with the dog and all to Maryland for our nephew’s (L) FIRST birthday party!  He had grown so much since we last saw him!  He was a toddling around and looking so cute!  At one point he just melted my heart by repeatedly touching his forhead to mine.  I watched him at point for about an hour and was exhausted!  I can’t remember whether Soso walked around that much and what we ever did with her at that stage to keep her occupied!

The party was great fun.  There was a pool and Soso swam around with little floaties on her arms.  She did not want her Daddy near her at all!  Then she had fun running around with other kids.  It was quite relaxing for me… almost like I didn’t have kid at all, except that I was following L around instead.

I guess this brings me to last week.  Work, work, work and then Friday night we finally made it to our town pool for a “Float Night” with friends.  On Float nights, we are allowed to bring floats into the pool.  There is a DJ and some games  with prizes for the kids.  We almost didn’t make it since predictably, the night called for rain and possible thunderstorm.  Mind you it had been gorgeous all week!  But it just passed us by and we had a lot of fun.  I didn’t even get eaten bitten by mosquitoes until towards the very end!

Saturday was errands, errands, errands with a quick visit to Soso’s friend J’s to see the new baby.  Soso and J had a lot of fun playing outside.  It was nice because we didn’t have to pay attention to them at all.  And since they were outside or upstairs, it was quiet for some adult conversation!  The only downside was that J was SO SAD to see Soso go.  She almost broke my heart by bursting into tears!  She was “too sad to say  good-bye”.

Sunday was gorgeous.  Sunny, no humidity and just perfect for the pool, or at least so I thought.  We decided to forgo cleaning and spend the day at the pool.  It was fabulous to just laze around except that I actually found it a little too cold to enjoy the water!  Not Soso though.  She LOVED it!

Well, this week I will be busy cleaning the was just messy to now filthy house and getting ready for our Dutch Wonderland trip.  Another busy, busy week!


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