Impossible love

My faith is based on christian beliefs.  One of which is a God of infinite and unconditional love.  A God who will forgive anything and who will love us no matter what.  Sometimes I have trouble swallowing that bit.  But I was gazing into  my daughter eyes the other day and I finally understood what it must be like for God.  Being a parent is truly the greatest gift because it has allowed me for a moment to be in the same plane as God and to feel infinite love.  Gosh, is that sacrilegious?  I don’t mean to be.

And in the end all it matters is that Soso is healthy and safe and that I’m healthy and safe long enough to watch her grow into adulthood.  I really have to keep this in mind when little things annoy me.

This is what happens when I stay up late watching a sad movie about a boy who’s mom dies at the age of 8.


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