For those who will know the meaning of this statement,  we have received our I-600 approval.  Yay!  When you have a 18 month waiting period, any news is good news.  But now we have nothing, but to wait until THE CALL.  And that’s still probably a year away.

Meanwhile, I continue to be a little nervous about the whole prospect and I desperately wish I had someone with experience to talk to.  My current worry is that I’m always seeing family resemblance in Soso.  Like how when she looks serious, she look like Grandma.  Her exact expression, furrowed brows and all.  I see a little bit of my brother when he was a kid.  She has D’s reserve, but my social outlook.  Her face is a constant changing reflection of me, Grandma, and Nana.  I just worry about how to handle that with an adopted child where I can’t have these reflections and where I can’t share these reflections with her.  So, do I stop with Soso?

I guess I should reach out to our social worker.  It would be nice to have perspectives from other parents who have adopted who already have a biological child.


One thought on “Approved!

  1. Congratulations! As if there was any doubt.

    BTW, have I told you that you worry too much? Just wait, strangers are going to say “oh she looks just like you” or “I see D’s smile” Because they are clueless.

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