I love it and I hate it.  I love the convenience.  I love how cheap it is.   Since I tend to miss most “must see movies” in the theaters, I love how I can queue the movies while they are still theaters. 

BUT, now that I’m regularly watching a movie a week, I am seeing the drawbacks.  Like perhaps it wasn’t so bad missing some of those movies.  Like perhaps the more you watch, the more you realize how much garbage is produced for every good movie out there.

AND I have also come to realize that relying on Oscar nominated/winners list by no means guarantees that I will like it.  I am finding too many movies too long and boring.  Don’t get me wrong.  There were moments in all these movies when I was engaged.  And the acting for the most part were excellent.  I could totally understand why Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor last year  Or Jarvier Bardem the year before.  But the movies themselves leave a lot to be desired. 

Perhaps that’s the problem, the length.   May be we wouldn’t be bored if the movies were only 2 hours long.  D’s criteria for selecting a movie these days is purely based on time.  120 minutes versus 108?  Let’s go with the 108.  Last night, he exclaimed a  nearly sacrilegious, “I blame Peter Jackson!”  What???  Apparently he believes Jackson started the long movie trend.  Sorry, I don’t care if he started the trend… LOTR movies could have gone on for another 6 hours and I wouldn’t have complained!

But back to Netflix.  So, Iwas re-thinking the wisdom of watching movies so regularly.  Except that once in awhile you do hit gems.  Movies I would never have rented or borrowed if I didn’t have Netflix.  Like I Love you, Man.  OMG, ROFL funny.  It is not my type of movie at all so I was surprised by how much I liked it.  Or Millions.  Some movie I had never heard of starring people I don’t know.  But so sweet and heartfelt.  or Vicky, Christina Barcelona.  I really didn’t think I would like that movie but I did!  And I have to be grateful to Netflix for finally getting to watch the Band of Brothers, 6 disc set miniseries.  D and stayed up night after night watching the whole thing.

So, I guess I’ll keep my account.  And perhaps sort my queue based on the length of the movie!


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