About that weekly menu

Yeah, it isn’t going to work.  I do have a menu, but it goes something like this:

S – chicken stir-fry w/rice

M – miso soup with tofu and spinach w/rice

T – left-overs

W – left-overs

T – go out for pizza with friends

F – veggie burgers w/sweet potato fries

S – no clue yet

And I have a feeling the rest of fall will look like a variation of this.  I’ll be lucky to have one post worthy recipe a week.  And even the one I have, I haven’t had a chance to post it yet.  The tennis widowhood combined with “real” school is no joke!  How do other parents do it?  And with more kids?   By the time I get home, anywhere from 5:30 – 6, its like a mad dash to feed the child, go through her folders, help her with homework and put her to bed before 8:30!

Then I have to clean up, make lunch, prep for next night’s dinner…  well, any mom who read this know what I mean!

So, I’ve already broken down and told D that we’ll need a bulletin board in the kitchen.  I’ve been resisting them for years b/c I don’t like clutter but clutter on the wall’s gotta be better than clutter on the island!

Well, now I’m going to need a TV in the kitchen as well.  Which I didn’t want because of the temptation to watch while eating and I don’t want to start that habit.  But if I’m spending 2 hours in the kitchen at night doing all this stuff, I’ll need more than radio to distract me! We’ll just have to be really, really good about not turning it on during meal time.


2 thoughts on “About that weekly menu

  1. I don’t breathe until I lay down at night. I’m not sure how I’m going to do it when the boys are in school and have activities.

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