The Girl and bugs

Soso likes bugs and slimy things like slugs and while I don’t, I have encouraged her fondness.  I am not particularly proud of the fact that they scare me.  And that I need a man to take care of them for me.  I have gotten better over the years, but the fear is there.

Plus, I don’t ever want her to be in the position that I was 10 years ago.  Hurricane Floyd that flooded so many towns in my state also partly flooded mine, unearthed salamanders and they invaded my apartment.  Having never seen a salamander in my life, I FREAKED OUT, called my fiance at the time D, HYSTERICAL, and made him drive 25 minutes to my apartment to take care of them.  In torrential downpour.  In retrospect, kind of pathetic on my part and a little dangerous on D’s.  Of course, no one knew at the time that Floyd was going to cause so much damage!

Anyway, I don’t want to transfer my ridiculous fear (and I fully acknowledge that it is ridiculous to fear something I can squish with my thumb) to Soso.

Well, mission accomplished.  This morning, a scary spider was scurrying in her room.  Soso calmly got a tissue, picked it up and threw it in the garbage.  We would have let it go outside, but unfortunately, she squished it.

And thanks CK for the title to this post!


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