One month later

While Soso’s long term memory is uncanny (she still asks about a stuffed animal I got rid of when she was two!), but her day-to-day or even hour to hour memory is terrible.  Still, after almost three weeks into her town Kindergarten, I was getting worried that there was so little feedback about her time at school.

What did you to today?  Uh… I forget.  Did you meet any new kids?  No.  Did you talk to anyone?  No.  Did kids talk to you?  No.  If she hadn’t answered “yes” when I asked if she liked school and if she was having fun, I would have been really worried.  But she has declared that she loves Bloomingdale, she loves her teacher and so I tried to be patient.

I’m so spoiled with “My Days” and being able to chat with the teachers every day from Kindercare.  In contrast, Bloomingdale feels like an informational  black hole.  At least in terms of the students’ day-to-day activities.  Information about the PTA, town events, school information, fundraisers, etc.?  That I receive in surfeit!

So, it was a relief when we attended the school Fall Festival over the weekend and we met up with two of her classmates.  They not only greeted her by name but welcomed her into their group.  Yay, she knows people!  Yay, she’s socializing!  At last a sign that there must be some interaction going on in school.

And today, I ran into one of the moms and Soso was invited to a playdate.  Oh, I know it sounds like such a small thing, but I felt so teary-eyed!  Soso is such a reserved little soul, not shy but really, really reserved.  I think it was almost two years ago when I realized that I needed to break out of my own shell and create social opportunities for her.  And today, I felt like I came back in full circle.  All that effort has paid off and Soso has made a new friend in a new situation all by herself!  Who knows, may be I can even take a backseat and not have to push myself into uncomfortable situations.


One thought on “One month later

  1. It’s like pulling teeth for me to get information about Raegan’s day, so I know exactly what you are going through.

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