A new Halloween tradition… or not

Last week, we went apple and pumpkin picking as part of our fall tradition.  And even though I swore not to buy pumpkins this year (my reasons are well documented)  somehow, I winded up with not one, not two but FOUR pumpkins. 

One I can explain.  I got a large one in order to carve our very first pumpkin and start another tradition.  The three small ones… I have no idea.  I was like a lemming, just following what the others were doing.  I’m scared to put them out without any protection and I’ve been too busy to go buy lacquer.  So, there they sit in the foyer.  Three little pumpkins. 

Perhaps I’ll make some pumpkin pies.  And pumpkin breads.  Pumpkin soup, anyone?

Today, I finally got some of my act together and bought a carving tool set.  It came with dozen or so designs that we can trace and carve some pretty cool Jack O’ Lantern.  Of course Soso picked one of the more difficult ones.  The tools looked impossibly small and delicate but they did  the job.

Pumpkin larger that Soso's head
Disemboweling the pumpkin
Placing the trace pattern
Mwa ha ha ha!
The Fire Eater!
The Fire Eater!

Pretty impressive, ain’t it?  Oh well, me and my family think so!  A new tradition?  I’ll have to see how motivated I am next year.  This took a lot out of me.

I have to mention that I made my very first apple pie this year as well.  A friend gave me a very simple recipe.  That and an already made crust made it so easy that I can’t believe I didn’t try it before!  Alas no picture.


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