Feedback from teacher’s conferences

Conferences, as in two of them.  Soso goes to two Kindergartens, AM in town and PM at Kindercare.  This is because our town sucks and still has only half day Kindergartens.

Anyway, the town teacher told us that Soso is advanced academically.  This isn’t a surprise to us since her Pre-K program last year was more advanced than our town’s Kindergarten curriculum.  Socially, she is very quiet, she’s uncomfortable in large group setting, and she talks way too softly.  We were happy to hear that the teacher was going to make some effort to help Soso build her confidence and to be more assertive.  This was the area we were most concerned with since S has a tendency to take the back seat in large group with new people.

Today was the KC conference and the feedback was almost opposite.  Again, academically she’s doing great.  She’s working with  two others on some 1st grade level activities.   But in this class, she is more vocal and confident.  Ms. L told D that some of the kids look up to her!  I did not expect that.  I guess more of her true personality comes out because she’s with kids she’s known for years.

Overall, good feedbacks.  I just hope we can help S overcome her shy, reticent tendencies.  She reminds me so much of myself.  I turned out OK, but  I’m still extremely uncomfortable in unknown settings and with people I don’t know.  I think people who don’t know me think I’m unfriendly, but I’m just painfully shy.  And I don’t want her to go through what I’ve gone through and still continue to go through.


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