That’s OK, I’ll forget!

I was wrapping some Christmas presents for Soso’s friends.  I had gotten Princess and the Frog pajamas for the girls because they will be seeing the movie together next weekend.  I wasn’t finished when Soso walked in.  After I explained who the pajamas were for, she did the math and realized that there was an extra pair.

“Who is this one for?”   I came out with a lame lie, “For boy C?”  “No, Mommy he’s a boy!”  “OK, it’s for you.  I was going to give it to you for Christmas but you can have it now.”  Soso exclaimed, “For Christmas?  Oh, then you can wrap it!”  I told her that she’s already seen it and asked what would be the point.  Her answer?  “That’s OK, I’ll forget.  Wrap it Mommy.  I want to open it for Christmas.”

Speaking of presents, for some reason last night D suggested that we forego presents next year and donate it to people in need.  I don’ t know if he was kidding or what, but I was disappointed with Soso’s quick reply that it wasn’t fair.  We have always tried to teach her about giving to those less fortunate by participating on toy drives, food drives, making sandwiches for a local soup kitchen, etc.  I reminded her about how lucky we are, about how there were people with no homes, and kids with no toys.  She thought for a minute and said, “OK.  But I’ll still get presents from Santa.  Will you and Daddy be OK?”  Yes, honey we will.

On the same topic of presents, Christmas shopping was a little surreal for me this year.  Soso had circled all the things she wanted for Christmas in one of those BIG toy catalogues.  They were all “boyish” toys like Bakugan stuff, Ben 10 things, a Nerf gun, a remote control truck, a night vision goggles, and a light saber.  Nary a sight of anything girly.  So, there I was over the weekend at a Toys ‘R Us with a shopping cart full of Bakugan thingy, Ben 10 action figures, Pokemon cards, a Nerf gun all for my used to be girly girl Soso and I felt this crazy urge to throw in a pink and frilly Barbie doll even though she was never into dolls.

I felt even more weird when I made up S’s secret santa list for our friend’s holiday party.  All the other girls listed pink and purple things, princess things, crafty things.  All the boys listed trucks, trains, Bakugan, Star Wars… and there is my daughter with the same things as the boys.  I don’t know if this is my influence, D’s influence or Boy C’s influence…  I had almost gagged on so much pinkness before.  How silly of me to now be sad that pink is passé!  I know, Igotta just go with the flow.


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