We went on a ski trip last week to Mt. Snow with some friends.  The weather was not ideal except for the day we got there and the day  we left for home.  We got to Vermont too late on Sunday to ski.  On Monday, there was a snow storm with about six inches of accumulation.  Tuesday was -10 with gusting wind.  I guess this is the risk you run when you go skiing in Vermont.

We were able to ski for a few hours on Monday but we finally had to head home due to wind and blowing snow.  Visibility was bad even on the lower mountain.  You can see below how we had to cover Soso up!  My Snow Bunny!  Isn’t she cute?

D spent most of the time teaching S while I got in some easy green runs.

I guess this is the other risk you run into.  The photo doesn’t do justice to the impressive damage to the car.  Over $4000 worth it turns out.  All because we were unlucky enough to  slide into a pick-up truck which resulted in the hood bending at a 90 degree angle and damaging the radiator.

We had just pulled out of the parking lot onto an inclined roadway and I guess the wheels slipped on some snow.  everything happened in slow motion.  I remember hoping since we weren’t even going 5 miles per hour that the damage would be minimal.  The bent hood and the smokes coming out soon put a period to that hope.

Then my next thought was rather  images of exploding cars.  So I quickly turned off the engine and got myself and S out of the car.  Too much television dramas I guess.  Or ignorance of cars and where fuel lines are.  Or both.  In any case, now we were freezing.

Thankfully, we had friends staying minutes away from the resort who got us and drove us back to our house.  Little did I nor the friend could have guessed that it would be a 2 hour event for him (Baker’s husband, J).  Poor guy!  D had to wait for the police.

We were minutes from our rental when we got a call from D.  I couldn’t hear anything (because cell phone connection in Vermont SUCKS) but J correctly suspected that D needed us.  So, back we headed to town.  We finally got through to D to find out that he was heading to an auto body shop and the car was over heating.  So, we followed him on a stop and go trip to first and then second auto place.  It was snowing the entire time and night was falling.  I was and am still very grateful to J.

Tuesday was spent on my part calling insurance company, car rentals, and towing places.  By morning, we knew that the damage would cost thousands and that it would take at least two weeks to fix.

Poor S had a scheduled ski school and she was out with Boy C in the blistering cold with D stalking them.  Good thing that  D was stalking because kids were dropping like flies, Boy C succumbing after lunch.  It was apparently all for nothing.  The  kids were out and may be learning for all of 30 minutes.  Out of 5 hours.  They really should have cancelled.

By the end of the day, we knew that the adjuster had seen our car.  I knew that a car was available for rent from Bennington in case we had to leave the car.  I knew that one (out of about a dozen that I called) towing place would be willing to tow for $85/hour on Wednesday if we got approval.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have the adjuster’s report and couldn’t make any decisions.

So, I was grateful on Wednesday that everything worked out at the last minute and we were able to get the car towed on that day.  S and I got a ride from a friend and D rode with the tow truck.

All of our friends remarked on how calm I was and how well we were taking it.  One even joked about how they would  be talking about divorce.  But honestly, what else could we do?  And it sucked.  Truly, it did and still does.  But having been in much scarier accident, where I was going about 50 miles per hour on a 4 lane highway when my tires slipped on snow, where I lost control of the car and went from one side of the highway to the next, where I managed to hit only one car before I could stop the car, where but for the grace of God, I would have either killed someone or myself and I walked out of a totalled car uninjured, where no one else was hurt… well, that makes it very easy to put a good face on just a damaged car.

So, I’m grateful that if we had to get into an accident that it happened while pulling out of a parking lot and not while we were driving home because even at 20 miles per hour, it would probably have been more traumatic.

And I’m grateful to friends who were with us.  Without them, it would have been lonelier, it would have been more difficult getting around and getting back home and then perhaps we wouldn’t have been so calm about it all.


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