House update – just one more paint color

We have to pick just one more color – the bathroom.  The hardest room by far.  We’re trying to find something that will coordinate with the tile and granite.  We’ve gone from safe beige to light orangish to dark orange/red back to a different beige.  I’ve even thrown on a gray just because gray seems to go with everything.  Nada.

We’re installing the vanity tomorrow and it would have been easier to have the walls painted.  Oh and the medicine cabinet.  Oh help me!

I’ve takes some pictures but of course I don’t have them loaded.  Internet is back (yay!) but now my laptop has a virus and virus related problems (boo!).

Remaining tasks:

  • pick bathroom color
  • paint bathroom
  • install vanity/medicine cabinet/fixtures/lights
  • get shower door
  • sand/stain and finish hardwood floor
  • light fixtures for three bedrooms, hallway, and closets
  • second coat of pain on walls

I’m hoping 2 weeks tops for everything but the shower door!


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