Just some Soso update

Have I mentioned that she can read?  I mean really read?  Like she could probably read what I’m writing on this very post with only a little help.  She had borrowed a book on chameleons and she was able to read a whole chapter with me helping on  only two words.  A chapter.  In a real book. Not Level 1 book.  Not only 1 or two sentences a page book.  Just amazing.  I’m so proud of her reading skills.

I’m just so darned proud of her and amazed by her in general.  She also used $12 of her chore/play money to buy lip balms for soldiers in Iraq (part of a service project that the school is participating).  That’s most of her chore money that she’s been saving for books and toys.  Amazing.  She worried that only 12 soldiers would get lip balm.  I think she would have bought more, but I told her that everyone else is giving as well.

She went ice skating for the first time this weekend.  She was teary after the first fall but she persevered.  She’s such a trooper.  I like that she doesn’t give up.

Have I mentioned that she showers now?  Has been for months, but I can’t remember if I’ve written it down.  I think it started around September.  No more bathtub pictures with bubbles! Ah well, she’s all about privacy these days anyway.

She’s been a Daisy for a couple of months.  She did (D and I helped) her first cookie sale and she’s sold 142 cookies!  Not bad considering that her first goal was 12!

Alrighty… hopefully some pics by tomorrow.


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