Groundhog Day

Ugly, isn’t it?

Scary, too, if this picture is anything to go by.  I did not know they could climb trees!

I’m used to seeing them more like this.  Sneaking in our backyard, eating whatever I’m trying to grow.  Last summer, I finally gave up and planted only herbs.  Groundhogs ate that, too.  Low-down, sneaky, fat, not-so-little-rats.  Because they are all versions of rats to me.  Groundhogs are fat rats.  Squirrel are bushy-tailed rats.  Opossums are large ugly albino rats.

But my daughter is so cute.  She gets enthusiastic about the smallest things and she was so excited about Groundhog day.  I didn’t even know it was coming up.  Yesterday morning she asked, “Can we watch the news?  Can we watch the news to see if the groundhog sees its shadow?” 

Unfortunately we missed the news.  I didn’t find out until last night that the groundhog saw its shadow.  I didn’t even know if that was good news or bad news.  Soso explained patiently, “Mommy, it means six more weeks of winter.”  I guess it depends on your perspective then.

Then this morning, we woke up to snow.  Pretty snow, covering the trees, the cars, the street.  Picture perfect vision of winter.  S looked out the window and stated sagely, “This is what happens when you have six more weeks of winter.”  I think she’s convinced that the groundhog is a weather genius.


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