House update – pictures finally (!) of the bedroom

 I meant to chronicle the house renovations with pictures at every step.  Before, in-between and after pictures to showcase the metamorphosis.  But reality always got in the way of good intention.  Reality is that I work full-time.  By the time I got home and got dinner on the table, it was too cold and too dark to take decent pictures.  So the effect is less dramatic, but here it is for what it’s worth.

View from inside Soso’s old bedroom.  The wall was moved, the  bedroom closet and hallway closet knocked out to create a hallway into the new addition (our master bedroom!!!)

View from the new hallway looking into the addition.

Same hallway with door and a coat of paint.

Here a couple of pictures showing Soso’s old room again after drywall and after a coat of paint.

Here’s a couple of the master bedroom before drywall and floor installation.

And here it is with floor, lights and a coat of paint!

I have more, but it is getting late and I really need to go to sleep.  Tomorrow, the bathroom!  And some of the paint color faux pas.  Ooh, exciting!  Ha.  Not really.  I think I mentioned how painful it was right?


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