Cupid and the Tooth Fairy? Bah humbug!

May be it’s because I didn’t grow up with them.  May be it’s because I lost my childhood beliefs of magical things at a really young age.  Or perhaps I’m just a Scrooge at heart.  Or the Grinch, take your pick.

Whatever the reason, I am terrible at celebrating certain holidays.  And even the holidays that I celebrate, I’m terrible at doing things all cutesy and magical.  And a made-up creature to celebrate a biological event that happens without any effort?  Frankly, I scoffed at the concept of a Tooth Fairy.  Give money for some old tooth?  Yuck!  That’s crazy talk!

But amazing things happen to you when you have children.  And it is truly amazing the things we do for them in spite of our natural inclination to do otherwise.

Like yesterday, Soso announced that her bottom left tooth was loose.  I surprised myself at how excited I got.  But excited I was!  And without thinking I started babbling about how the Tooth Fairy will be making a trip to our house soon.  So much for crazy talk.

Or take last Monday.  I was all ready to give Valentine’s day the usual go-by.  Then Soso came home with guidelines from her schools about Valentine’s Day cards.  The kids will be able to “mail” the cards themselves.  I quickly realized that  Soso would be sad and disappointed if she didn’t participate.

On Tuesday, I was out buying Valentine’s cards.  On Wednesday, I was spending precious time making sure she signed them all.   On Thursday, we spent more time making an extra card.  We had missed one of the aids in her class.  Skipping her was not an option.

By Friday night, Soso had celebrated Valentine’s with parties at both of her  schools.  She consumed 1.5 cupcakes, 2 cookies, some candy and juice (yes, she’s very good about disclosing her junk food intake).  She marveled at all the cards and treats she received.  I figured I was off the hook.

Then she announced that she couldn’ t wait to see what we (me and D) got her for Valentine’s.

Saturday found me searching the sparse aisles for something to fill her treat bag.  Saturday night, I was making her card.

Sunday, she was so excited about receiving her card and treats.  Then she spent all morning making cards for us.  She was even more excited when she finally handed it to us.  It was so sweet.    She even taped a dollar each for me and D as our treat.  “Don’t worry, I have plenty of money.”

Then she looked at the card she made for us and the card I made for her.  “Oh Mommy,” she said with pity in her eyes, “Mine is fancier than yours.  It’s too bad you didn’t get my help.  I could have helped you make it fancier.”

The “You brake my heart” was her way of saying that she loved us so much that her heart felt like breaking.

Next year, I’ll make sure that her Valentine is extra fancy with glitter and all.


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