Ash Wednesday and Lenten sacrifice

Is it me or did it just sneak up on us this year?  We are so not prepared for it.  I have no idea what to do this Lenten season.

We’ve given up meat for the last 5 years or so, may be  more.  But giving up meat would be especially hard this year.  40 days of vegetarian meals takes a lot of planning and I just don’t have the time or the energy this year with the house renovation still not completed.

But on the other hand, that’s the whole point of Lenten sacrifice, right?  Giving up something that’s hard?

But the priest today talked about not trying to do the impossible,  but to focus on what’s meaningful.  And giving up meat this year wouldn’t be that meaning ful to me.  It would just be a pain in the ass begrudging “sacrifice” which would in the end lessen the whole meaning behind the act of sacrifice.

 So, what to do. 

I’ve thought about giving up Facebook.  Or may be Bejeweled,  which I’m really addicted to.  But what would giving those things up would do for me spiritually?  Nothing.

So, I’m debating about doing a form of fasting and focusing on the hunger problem out there beyond making a couple of loaves of sandwiches every week.  Like actually make a couple of meatloaf for the soup kitchen.  D and I’ve talked about it for years and never made one.  Or volunteer at a soup kitchen a couple of time these next 40 days.  May be we can stop eating out completely (except for the two birthdays coming up) and donate the money we would have spent  to the local food pantry.

May be each week, instead of coming up with a Lenten Menu like last year, we can come up with a weekly sacrifice.  First week, we fast.  Second week, we give up meat.  Third week, we don’t eat out, and spend the money for food pantry.  Third week, we make meatloaf.  Fourth week, we volunteer at a soup kitchen.  Fourth week, we… go back to fasting?  I’m starting to like this idea.  May be come up with a couple of more meaningful acts.

I’m not sure how fasting will fly with D.  He’ll probably have to substitute something else.  And Soso is too young to fast.  Hm… ok, work in process.   I guess, I’ll discuss with her about what she can give up that’s meaningful to her.  That should be an interesting discussion!


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